Client Testimonials

  • After talking to Tonya, I chose the 6 week training and she came the following day to pick Aussie up. She witnessed his behavior and was still confident she would be able to train him to become a dog that we would love for the rest of his life. I had no idea how she was going to reform my naughty dog, but I had faith she could. Now even though he was naughty I was still freaked out that he would be gone 6 weeks. She even took Aussie’s kennel (that he had never used). I texted Tonya daily checking up on him and she always assured me he was fine and doing well. She sent me photos of him in training. She said he was a very nervous dog and we finally concluded he is neurotic. While he was with her she suggested we take him to be shaved because his fur was too matted and afraid brushing was too painful. He got a new hairstyle, a short shaved look and did fine. I was soooo excited at week 4 when she brought him back for the first time and I began my training. He was amazing. He obeyed commands, heel, sit, down, place and I could even brush him. During the next two weeks Tonya trained me (bless her for being so patient). We walked loose leash, off leash, went to the pet store, and to the park where Aussie ran free and happy and responded to every heel, sit, down, place and come command. At the end of 6 weeks she said we were ready for him to come home. First off he got a nice, warm, calm shower! Tonya, thank you one million times! I get so many comments about my well-mannered dog. Every day someone says, “I wish my dog acted like yours”, and my response is always “you have to call Tonya, she’s a lifesaver”!

    Danell Sorensen
    Danell Sorensen South Jordan, UT
  • I found our two year old lab-mix, Zuri, at the animal shelter. It did not take long to realize that she suffered from severe fear-aggression. She dealt with her insecurities and past abuse by trying to attack anyone who was not a member of our immediate family. And, if any of the family was wearing something which was new or frightened her, she would even go after them, as well. She could not be trusted off-leash, and even on-leash walks were worrisome, not knowing how she was going to react to other people. We tried a few different trainers, with no positive results, and spent a great deal of money. When we realized that she was really a “lawsuit-waiting-to-happen,” we decided the kindest decision would be to put her down. The appointment was even made. Then, we heard about Tonya. Because I really love this little dog, I decided I had to give her one last chance, with Tonya. We now have a wonderful family dog that can run off-leash, past total strangers with no fear, aggression or anxiety. She responds immediately to voice commands and I can trust her in practically any situation. Tonya is a miracle worker. She literally saved Zuri’s life, and we are very grateful.

    Becky Larkin
    Becky Larkin Salt Lake City, UT
  • I am not sure when we knew we needed help — if it was when my 18 month old was screaming “leave it” to people, or when no kids wanted to play at our house because Bolt would attack them. Meet Bolt, the dog we use to call, “Bolt the mad dog, the bad dog.” Now we have had Bolt back in our house for about a month and he is a whole new dog. We eat dinner in peace while Bolt is in his place command. We take Bolt running off leash and he is awesome. Kids can now pet him and run across our yard without Bolt biting them. Our daughter will now play with him daily and he wont chew up all her toys. When people come to the door,  Bolt sits to greet them. We can sit on the couch and watch a movie with popcorn without Bolt terrorizing us. We are in awe of Tonya. The training was worth every penny. Bolt has been transformed from a dog we could not stand, to a dog that is enjoyable to have around.

    Dan & Jacelyn Clayton
    Dan & Jacelyn Clayton Salt Lake City, UT
  • It was an impossible mission for the redheaded terrier dog of Spanish Fork to replace the near perfect yellow miniature terrier lab, who passed away in August, after 17 years of faithful service to his family. No job is easy when it comes to the repair of broken hearts. Jake’s heart needed to be repaired when he was separated from the life he knew, abandoned from his original family and put up for adoption when he could no longer stay outside due to the cold weather and his lack of manners would not permit him to come inside. My heart was heavy at the loss of Sam and needed something to fill the hole left by his absence. I had previously decided not to replace my yellow dog because it was too painful and I did not want to forget him by replacing him. It took 4 months after his passing to decide I needed a new companion. A friend found a picture of Jake when she was looking for coupons for cat food on line announcing his availability for adoption. We both went to the animal shelter in Spanish Fork where he was kept and had an interview foradoption. We spent a couple of days talking about the adoption and then decided tomake the leap. He exploded with enthusiasm from the orphanage in high gear and from that point it should have been a red flag to return him, tie him to the front steps of the orphanage and leave him in the dead of night, so that no one would see us, with a note pinned on him, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Jumping, nipping, chewing everything, climbing over and on everyone, and teasing. He would not obey the simplest commands to stop his deviant and annoying behavior and he had torn up the back yard, chewing the drip system to shreds. I could not walk him with out a large amount of effort on my part to keep him in control. He was not a large dog but large enough that it was work for me to keep him in control and not enjoyable enough to make it routine. He was very smart, however, and learned dog tricks quickly, but he was in charge or thought he was. We could not trust him with other dogs, or children, whom he loved but smothered with over exuberant enthusiasm which scared them away and we were constantly yelling at him to stop his pathetic behavior. There were moments that gave me insight to his potential and he was actually pleasant to be with, but they were few and small. He replaced a well behaved, a well mannered, and a well loved dog by everyone. Sam came packaged with manners even though he was also abandoned early in his life, when I found him, and manners is what I was expecting from this dog. I was shell-shocked! I had made a commitment to this dog and I thought it best to make an effort, before once again abandoning a seemingly potentially good dog to the orphanage from whence he came. I did some checking around and found TLC Canine Training. Tonya the owner assured me she could handle all the problems we mentioned and I replied, “It will be a redheaded miracle if you can change this dogs behavior.” With a sly smile she said, “Will you write a testimonial to this redheaded miracle if I can change him?” I agreed. Jake is a changed dog and I have enjoyed him more than I thought I could. He heels, greets others with manners, loves children, keeps his feet on the floor,remembers all his tricks, and remembered me when he returned from his six week boot camp class. He plays well with other dogs, minds his business and the backyard is presently surviving. The neighbors also enjoy the change and cannot believe it is the same dog. We enjoy walking together and he enjoys this time. He knows the word walk and runs to the door with anticipation. I actually look forward to this time because it is no longer hard work anymore and I have a walking companion. He is still just a dog and a watchful eye must be kept, he has made mistakes but he really wants to please. His personality engages with the family in a more complete way. Thank you, Tonya, for giving Jake the opportunity to be all that he can be—a redheaded miracle.

    Esther Halliday
    Esther Halliday Salt Lake City, UT
  • Once I decided to get a trainer for my dog, Gucci, I really took the time to find the right one. Many of my friends recommended potential trainers, but after talking to Tonya on the phone I instantly knew she was the best one by the way she talked. Tonya really took the time to listen to what I was looking for and had the answers to all of my concerns. Yet, even after I decided on TLC, I was still hesitate about sending my dog away for the 6 weeks required for the complete training. I talked to other people that had tried the program and they all gave the same answer….that they would definitely do it again! Being a professional snowboarder, I travel for a living year-round. Working with my schedule is not the easiest thing to do, but Tonya worked with me to make sure we got our training sessions in when I was in town and that I was always on the same page. She kept in touch with me throughout the 6 weeks giving me updates and asking me if I had questions or any concerns. Without her being so flexible with me, I don’t know how I would have been able to get the training in Now for the most important part, the results. Everything Tonya promised, she has delivered. When I walk Gucci now, I never have to tug or pull her away from things or out of other people’s yards. Even off leash she is right with me when I ask her to be. When we come to a road, I stop and she stops, sits and waits for her next command. I no longer have the fear of her running off or ignoring me when she is distracted. I have now become THAT guy at the dog park where my dog is so happy to please me that she walks next to me when asked, comes when needed, yet still has fun!

    Louie Vito
    Louie Vito Salt Lake City, UT
  • Roxy, Bella and I wanted to thank you so much for all your help, guidance and training support.I never thought that I would see the day that I could walk the dogs with no leash and have them so well beahaved. You have taught me three things that stick out clearly. Consistancy, patience and respect. I never knew what it was to respect my dog and further more have my dog respect me. There is something so special when you work with them and see everything come together. You can actually see them think, thats amazing to me. I had almost lost all hope when I called you for the first time. chasing a dog in twenty degree weather for forty five minutes just wasn not working for me. I am not emabarassed anymore of my dogs, I hold my head proud when I walk them as they do. One of the best feelings ever is when you have someone say your dog is so well behaved, all I think in my head is WOOT WOOT, thats right! I love your no games approach, you take charge and make me accountable, in return make the dogs accountable. The way you train is commendable, I hate when you see dogs fear someone and they do something because they have to not because they want to. It is such a good feeling to have my dogs want to please me, to look up to you with those eyes of teach me more. You make me feel like the sky is limit!

    Heather Mayo
    Heather Mayo Salt Lake City, UT
  • We got Boots last summer to be a buddy for our 4 yr old shorthair Puka. Soon after I found out that I was pregnant and unfortunately I was not the ideal dog owner/trainer. As my belly grew, so did Boots. He was about 60 lbs at 6 months and he is strong. When he was 8 months he was a complete monster and could break out of his kennel. One day after breaking out of his kennel and eating 6 holes in the carpet at my mom’s house ($800 fix) I was at my wits end. It was either get him trained or find him a new home. Tonya took Boots for 6 weeks. With each weekly lesson my husband and I were blown away with the progress. We were able to apply the lessons we learned with Puka and when we got Boots back at the end of 6 weeks it was so fun! Puka and Boots no longer threw each other into the walls and furniture. They were perfect on and off leash. It is so fun to go to public places and hear people say, “Hey, look how good those dogs are. That’s awesome!” We will never buy another dog that we don’t send to Tonya, as long as she is around.

    Eric & Anne Lavin
    Eric & Anne Lavin Salt Lake City, UT
  • Thanks to Tonya our marriage was saved! My husband has wanted a doberman for 13 years of our marriage. He brought Stella home and was in love!(with another woman) Stella was and is Scott’s love and my nightmare. She could do no wrong according to him. During the day she ran our house “stella’s style” and when my husband got home from work she became his angel. Devil in the daytime and angel by night. Then we were referred to TLC Canine Coaching threw friends. Needless to say we are still married and happy to have Stella home. It is amazing what Tonya can do in just 6 short weeks. We would pay double for the training that Stella received. She is now a great dog, she just needed some rules and boundaries. She is happy, were happy and the Pickrell family couldn’t ask for more.

    Scott and Erin Pickrell
    Scott and Erin Pickrell Salt Lake City, UT
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