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Tonya Schaeffer
Tonya has been training dogs for nearly 10 years. She started her career as a Certified  Dog Trainer and Behaviorist training under some of the best Trainers in the United States at Triple Crown Dog Academy.

While at Triple Crown Dog Academy Tonya spent three months learning and applying multiple training techniques including but not limited to Clicker Training, Behavior Modification, Aggression, Agility,  Competition Obedience, Therapy Dog Certification, CGC Evaluator.

Once Tonya arrived back to Utah from Triple Crown Dog Academy she quickly dove right into training volunteering her time as well as working at kennels in the valley to improve and apply the skills she had learned.

After four years of training around the valley she decided she had the business and training skills needed to start her own Business. TLC Canine Coaching was established November 2007. Why the name TLC Canine Coaching? Tonya was called TLC growing up as a child and still to this day by her family, her parents were creative with her name Tonya Lynn Crawford hence the nickname TLC. As a Dog Trainer good communication skills are a must.

Coaching canine handlers is the key to any well behaved dog. Tonya will work with you as long as you need to feel comfortable reinforcing and keeping you up with skills to train and maintain your dogs obedience.

Tonya is always expanding her knowledge and experience with training.

She regularly competes with her own dogs in Competitive Obedience, Confirmation, as well French Ring(Protection Sports.)

She actively trains with some of the best handlers, trainers and decoys in the dog world.

Tonya owns 5 Cane Corso Italian Mastiffs.

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